What do you want to achieve with video?

A new look for The Video Show

As The Video Show moves onto Episode 75 I thought it’s time we had a bit of a make over. The new credits were put together using a mixture of editing on Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. The theme music is a song by Ian Easton, I highly recommend you... read more

Shot on an iPhone edited on the iMovie app

  I’ve got a new phone. Which is a relief because my old phone was annoying the hell out of me, it didn’t have enough space for apps, photos or videos. Which made posting regular videos using my phone impossible. But… new phone! Which means a... read more

Shooting video on a mobile phone

In the last few years a lot of people have started shooting videos on their phones. And who can blame them, the quality of video on phones is amazing. But there’s one thing that bugs me. A lot of people shoot videos in portrait mode, meaning when uploaded to... read more

The Video Show

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Count me in!

Red Book Productions is a video production company based in Andover, Hampshire. Helping businesses throughout the UK we love to make creative videos that help them stand out and get noticed.

We know that when using video it’s important to measure the results that why we work with businesses who are ambitious and want to make a difference. It’s no use making a video and leaving it on your website gathering dust, here at Red Book we want to work with you to smash targets, build trust with your viewers online and turn those causal viewers into paying customers and fans that rave about what you do.


Percentage of all mobile traffic, to online videos


How many business execs watch work-related video each week


Percentage of senior executives who will choose video over text on a page - even if it is on the same topic


The percentage increase of click-through rates when the term video is used in an email