Blog- Does Video Marketing confuse the s**t out of you?

Blog- Does Video Marketing confuse the s**t out of you?

I’m making a video about how to stand out using video online. To be honest, it was a lot easier 5 years ago, two years ago, probably even a year ago.

Today, there is SO MUCH video content swilling around on social media, how the hell do you stand out?

My tactic (and the one I share with my customers) is to be genuine and give genuine value. If you stop to watch the vast amount of DIY videos (or even some professionally shot videos) online they often have one thing in common… they don’t really have a point to them, they deliver little or no value and aren’t very visually interesting to watch.

Give your viewers something they want to watch.

If you make your videos as interesting as possible (that means visually and content wise) they’ll seek you out, they’ll sit down with their cup of tea at the end of the day and sit and WATCH your videos.

The trick is, this takes a lot more time than just chatting away to the camera on your phone as you sit in your car at the end of your networking meeting. Put the effort in to THINKabout quality content. Use your loaf and spend a bit of time on the videos you’re making.

I’m writing this as I’m about to take on a 30 Day Video Challenge, which I’ll be forced to come up with fresh content every single day. So please please please have a go at me if you don’t think I’m putting the effort in to come up with good valuable content. 

You can find out more about my 30 Day Challenge here:

Blog- Am I sending out the right messages?

Blog- Am I sending out the right messages?

Am I talking about the stuff that matters?

Last week I had a meeting with somebody, basically to find out how we can help eachother. But whilst explaining what we do here at Red Book Productions, I was surprised to hear:

‘Oh I didn’t know you do that, that’s not that clear from your website’

To be honest, I was quite taken aback by this, as I thought the whole process of ‘what we do’ was pretty clear. But it got me thinking, am I being that clear? Am I really telling people how we can help? And if I’m not, is that having a negative impact on my business?

It’s helped me stop to think over the past few days, so much so that I’ve set some time aside this week to spend some time working on how I can improve my messaging. Firstly through my videos (The Video Show) and at places like networking.

What is it that businesses want? Am I making it clear what I can help with? Am I making it really easy for them to find out and to get in contact when they’re ready?

I’d love to know if you have gone through a similar process in your business. Do you have your messaging spot on? Or are you finding it a bit tough for people to find out what you do.

Take a look at my websites and let me know what you think I do… I’d love to know how we’re being perceived from fresh eyes: and


Episode 141 – Making Regular Videos and a Studio Update

Episode 141 – Making Regular Videos and a Studio Update

How often do you make videos? And how often would you LIKE to make videos?

Episode 141 of The Video Show is all about making regular videos.

It’s THE biggest problem I feel that people have with making videos. They WANT to make videos, they KNOW that they have to do it regularly, but they just can’t find the TIME to do it.

In this episode I try to deconstruct how you can find the time to do it, and why you should be doing it in the first place.

Also there’s a studio update!!!

The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East

As I walked to work this morning I felt like making a fun video about my trip to work. I usually walk to work, so it’s not a lot different from my usual journey, apart from it being VERY cold. Feel free to share the video, and let me know what your day in the snow was like!

Facebook Newsfeed Changes. What YOU need to know.

Facebook Newsfeed Changes. What YOU need to know.

I’ve noticed that recently on Facebook (say the last 6 months or so) 90% of my notifications are pretty much crap. I get notified by groups that I don’t post in, and keep getting notified on posts where I’ve been tagged. Quite frankly it’s a little bit annoying.

In this episode of The Video Show, I try to get to the bottom of it, to tell you what it all means, and how it will affect your videos.

To sum up without spoiling the video you can expect:

  • Longer videos being prioritised on Facebook.
  • Content that drives engagement and conversation being more prioritised.
  • Better quality content being pushed more.
  • Live Videos are very high on the agenda.

For the full lowdown watch the Episode. And if there’s anything you’ve think I’ve missed, put it in the comments below.


Mark Terrell Full Interview

Mark Terrell Full Interview

As I’ve said in previous Vlogs and Blogs, I’ve been working with Mark Terrell from 1st Class Coaching Solutions for the last year. And we’ve just had time to sit down for a chat to tell you how things have gone over the past 12 months.

I’ve had loads of fun working with Mark. I often tell a story about how he was when we first started working together, he was pretty scared about talking in front of the camera, but he quickly picked up some amazing presentation skills and was soon hosting a Facebook Live from a busy train station platform.  Success!

I’ve really enjoyed working with Mark, and he’s promised me that he will continue to create regular video content. Including Facebook Live videos. So make sure you check out Mark’s Facebook Page.