Don’t know where to get started with video?

Here at Red Book Productions we help in three main areas:

Are you considering making your own videos?

Shooting your own videos is now a viable option for any business no matter what the size. It used to be that a video production company would have to create every single video for a businesses. But with the huge leaps in technology over the past few years, the actual task of filming and making your own videos is a reality. Read more…

Would you prefer someone to make the videos for you?

Producing videos is quickly becoming the best way to communicate with your audience and customers. It’s perfect at making your business recognisable. That’s where we come in.

Read more…

Just looking for advice?

Looking at where to get started with video is sometimes a confusing process. That’s probably why you’re on this page. A number of people we work with want some advice because you they either have a low budget  or you have an house team that they’d like us to teach. Read more…



By 2020, 75% of all mobile traffic will be to videos.


65% of executives visit a company's website after watching a video.


90% of users say product video is helpful in the decision making process.


Enjoyment of video ads increase purchase intent by 97%

The Video Show – Reacting to my first video

I talk about this kind of thing all the time. Many people are worried about making their first video, conscious about how they’ll look and how they’ll be perceived. So I’ve decided to look back at my first video that I made to promote Red Book... read more

The Video Show Behind the Scenes with BEA Solutions

We’ve been working the BEA Solutions for around about 8 months now and have created a number of videos to help them stand out online. Our latest video explains the different services that they offer and to put them into one neat package. I wanted to make sure... read more

The Video Show- Professional vs DIY Videos LIVE

A lot of people ask me which is more important, professional videos or DIY videos. Over the last 18 months, I’ve helped businesses make both types of video. There’s the Video Toolkit which launched in April 2016, which helps businesses create their own videos,... read more

The Video Show

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Count me in!

Red Book Productions is a video production company based in Andover, Hampshire. Helping businesses throughout the UK we love to make creative videos that help them stand out and get noticed.

We know that when using video it’s important to measure the results that why we work with businesses who are ambitious and want to make a difference. It’s no use making a video and leaving it on your website gathering dust, here at Red Book we want to work with you to smash targets, build trust with your viewers online and turn those causal viewers into paying customers and fans that rave about what you do.