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How does video fit in with your business?

Here at Red Book Productions we help in three main areas:

Video Production

We’re experts in producing top quality videos for all sorts of different businesses.

Content Creation

We also repurpose everything we make, to make sure your business has loads of great marketing content.

Grow your video skills

We love to teach our customers how they can make the most of video themselves on a daily basis.

How to be remembered

When I meet somebody, whether it be online or at a real life event, there’s a few aspects that lead to me remembering them.

The main one is the amount I see of them after originally meeting them, so this can again be in person, or it can be online in the form of content.

Does your personal brand matter?

Does your personal brand matter?

Is hair and make-up that important?

To be honest I’ve never given the subject that much thought. I have regular conversations with Evelyne Brink who is an expert of presenting on camera.

Planning 260 Episodes

Planning 260 Episodes

I was having a conversation with a customer last week about how I plan each episode of #TheVideoShow, she asked if I script each and every episode and write each word out, or if I make it up on the spot.

“Video for us is absolutely essential”

– Adam Lovelock, Coconut Creatives

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Where does video fit in with your business?

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