How to find time to make videos.

One of the biggest things that hold people back from making videos is the fact that they struggle to find the time. Sure they set out with the best intentions and promise themselves to make loads of videos to help their business.

In fact I’d go so far as to say that not having the time is the number one reason that businesses fail with video. A bold statement!

So how do we get around it?

Well as a video production company it’s our job to make videos, but making videos to promote ourselves can often be a worry, especially when we’ve committed to making one every week.

The way we get round this is to set aside some time every week and make video each and every week in that time. For us it’s a Wednesday evening and we shoot for around 2 hour shooting around 4-6 episodes of The Video Show answering your questions.

The best way to guarantee that you’ll make videos each and every week is to set this time aside with somebody else, whether this is someone in your office or another business owner, set aside a few hours every week and take turns in front of the camera. You’ll find that this will improve your confidence and help you get a lot more done!

Good luck…