So far in 2016 we’ve made loads of cool videos for loads of great companies that have got some very good results. It’s been exciting to work with companies like NatWest Franchise Seminars, Practical Car and Van Rental and Total Clean.

The overall aim of these kind of videos is to get more people signing up to their offerings. With the franchise seminars the plan was to get more people who are considering buying into a franchise, coming along to their regular seminars.

With Practical and Total Clean it’s all about recruiting new franchisees, so we worked with their existing franchisees to tell ‘their story’ and underline what potential new franchisees could expect from buying into their system. 

NatWest Franchise Seminars

In January 2016 we travelled to NatWest HQ in London to shoot the NatWest franchise seminar, these are held regularly across the UK. The idea behind the video we’d be making is that it would explain what the seminars do, who they’re aimed at and what someone could expect from attending. 

As part of an overall project with Coconut Creatives which included a new website and online advertising the attendance to the seminars has now doubled. Take a look at the video…

Video Toolkit

In April 2016, we launched our membership service. Video Toolkit is designed to help small businesses create their own videos, at the time of writing we have 31 members, who post regularly on our Facebook page and use the website to reinforce the lessons they learn with the constantly evolving online course. 

Here’s what one of our members Adam Knight from Astonish Email had to say: AAEAAQAAAAAAAALFAAAAJGRkZjA2Y2YxLWM4YTEtNGQwMy04NDExLTY3MTkwZGZlYjJjNg

“I wanted to start generating more leads from the videos and the blogs I was already making, I was sharing the videos before hand but wasn’t getting a lot of traction. After using Video Toolkit I learnt how to structure my videos properly and then share them in the right places, in the right way to the right people. Now I’m getting regular sign ups on my website and have found the time to create weekly videos.”  

‘Day in the Life’ videos

These kind of videos have been the most fun to make so far in 2016. We’re making ‘Day in the Life’ videos for companies who are looking to recruit or train existing staff. Whether it’s new staff, franchisees or apprentices, these kind of videos are perfect for showing what potential opportunities lie ahead by telling the story of the ‘Day in the Life’ of somebody who has already been through the process. 

Take a look at a video we made for Vizualisation Ltd, an AV Rack Build company based in Maidenhead. 

We’re always looking to talk to new companies who want to see how these kind of videos work, so contact us