When you first start out making videos within your business it can often be quite hard to find the right tone. You don’t really know what your audience will like, you’re not sure how it will be received and to be honest you’re not 100% sure what YOU want. Here at Red Book Productions we recommend that you have a think about what you want, as always think of the Top 5 questions that you get asked and then just GO FOR IT. Videos should be a regular thing, so you can shape how you want your videos to look as you go along. As long as you’re giving value you’ll soon learn the best way of doing things and settle into a great rhythm. That’s EXACTLY what the guys at Astonish Email have done. They’re make really cool videos to help their customers with their email marketing system, and also make a FANTASTIC series called Adam vs Adam which has NOTHING to do with email marketing, it’s just a bit of fun. And is a GREAT way to show their customers that they’re human. Something that a lot of bigger businesses fail to do.