Getting people to come along to a networking event can be tough. Especially when there’s stiff competition in your area. Recently we’ve completed a promotional video for Big Breakfast Networking (based in Basingstoke) to tell their visitors what they can expect.


Often when you’re new to networking it’s can be a nervy experience, I remember when I first went to an event I was terrified and didn’t want to talk to anyone. I had no idea what to say, and when I was told to stand up and talk about my business I couldn’t think of any words to describe what I did. But working with Matthew, I think that this video explains what happens at each an every meeting, by outlining the format, and having amazing testimonials from people who came along.

If you’re in the Basingstoke area, I’d highly recommend coming along to the next Big Breakfast, you can book in here. And don’t forget to watch their brand spanking new video below: