Will I Cluck Like a chicken?

When I met Carol Graham from ‘The Insights Centre’ she struck me as somebody who had some really truly FANTASTIC ideas for her business videos but just didn’t know how to get them going. (The next one in the pipeline is REALLY good), what she wanted to do was play off of the popular misconceptions of hypnotherapy. One of which was fear of not waking up after a session, and the other was the fear of not being in control of your own mind or body. The latter gave us this idea for the ‘Will I cluck like a chicken?’ video. I’m sure that most people with even a passing experience with hypnotism has thought about.

Carol wanted to separate the thought that hypnotism and hypnotherapy we’re in any way similar and I think that this video achieves it well.

The actor (Denis Khoroshko) playing the hypnotist Sergei was particularly good in this video as he appeared to be an over the top stage hypnotist, a world away from the hypnotherapy that Carol uses.

It is because of playing with these myths and misconceptions that we were able to play with the humour of the situation, creating an over the top sequence to show the differences that we were trying to highlight. This can be used in all sorts of businesses and is a great way to show a creative side to your business as well as an aspect of being friendly and approachable; something vital to small businesses.