Getting your videos seen by the right people

There’s plenty of ways to make sure yo get your video seen by the right people so this has the maximum possible impact on your business.
1. Keywords…

To find the right keywords use the Google a Keyword tool, you need to fill up your YouTube keywords tab with appropriate words. Make sure you’re using keywords that have a high search volume and if you can; find the magic few keywords that have low competition to give your video a FANTASTIC chance of appearing on top of Google and YouTube’s lists.

2. Invite people to share…

Very few people will share a video of their own accord. But if you ask them to share it, whether it be at the end of the video itself or you use YouTube’s description or the pop up titles to invite viewers to share your content. It sounds really simple but it’s REALLY effective.

3. Keep it coming…
A really effective way of getting people to share your content us if they know that it’s valuable, and one way to get a feeling of value in your videos is to have regularity. Whether it be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, WHATEVER. By having regular videos your automatically giving your viewers something to look forward to, where they know they will learn something and know it will be worthwhile sharing it. This will in turn build up your viewer base and grow your clients, making you money!


Onto the Video of the Week, it doesn’t have a lot to do with getting videos shared, its just a REALLY good video, worth watching if you want some cool ideas of how to make a video that’s memorable, classy and well worth watching.

That’s all for this week, next week the email and blog is all about Vlogs or Video blogs and promises to be quite a game changer.

Have a great week!