Video Blogs: What’s it all about?

There’s plenty of ways to use video blogs to make sure you get noticed, now I know you like a list, (who doesn’t?) so I’ve put a few pointers together to get your brain thinking about how you can use Video Blogs to get your business ROARING online:

1. Be the expert

By creating a regular video blog handing out regular hints or tips, and you’re getting seen by a lot of people, they’re going to start to realise that YOU ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. So even if they don’t need your service there and then, there will come a time when they, or somebody they know needs your service, and who do you think they’ll call? (You, obviously)

2. Regularity

Everyone loves being regular, and YouTube especially loves it. I mentioned in my email that by creating regular and unique content you will be pushed up the search rankings. And if you’re inviting people to watch your videos, and they in turn are sharing the videos, your viewer base will grow pretty quickly, increasing your strength online even more!

3. How will this actually HELP your business?

Really any type of video will help your business, if your videos are seen by the right people you’ll get a pretty rapid response from viewers, and you’ll soon be known as ‘the one from all the videos’ which can’t be a bad thing can it?

So there’s my little list to give you a few ideas for video blogs and how to aim them at the right people. If you’d like to know a bit more, give me a call on 01256 688 483