Showing your personality!

It’s a hard thing to pull off, but if you can get it just right, getting your personality across in your video could be an extremely successful customer magnet.

Here are my Top 3 tips to getting your personality into your blog videos:

1. Do something you love!

Whatever you do in your video blogs do something you love doing. It will immediately show, chances are other people love doing it as well (so will connect to it and be more likely to share it). Plus if you love what you’re doing you’re much more likely to make it a regular thing and thus build a bigger audience over time. It’s not going to happen over night, but if you keep these videos coming your audience will soon grow!

2. Share them.

Especially when you start off you have to share the living HELL out of your video blogs. Nobody will come looking for your Video Blogs to begin with. If you put in the hard work as you start, Tweeting, Facebooking, Linked Inning (?) people will see it, people will love it and people will watch and then they’re more likely to buy from you.

3. Have a point to make.

The Video of the Week this week shows great personality in a fun post, but if you subscribe to their page, you’ll see that they have other videos as well with a very defined message. If you get the right mix as well you’re sure to see your following grow.


That’s all for this week guys! I hope you’ve learnt a lot from the Blog. Remember to share it!

Have a great day!