Do you get your point across?

Getting your point across at something like a networking event is often a tough experience, especially when you’re pushed for time. You don’t want to waffle, and you don’t want to forget anything. So how can you get your point across with video?

1. Preparation

Getting prepared is HUGELY important when it comes to video. If you’ve no idea of what you want to say/who you want to target/ what you want the viewer to feel and do by the end of the video then you may as well make a video of a cat chasing a ball of string. If you’re prepared you’ll get your point across, and are much more likely to get some all important leads.

2. Be Concise

There’s no point waffling on for hours on end. Or even anything over 2 minutes. For a simple promotional video you need to get the core of your idea, what you want the viewer to do and SAY IT. If you’re caught talking for hours on end the average viewer will switch off and go somewhere else.

3. Make a few videos.

Don’t be afraid to split your ideas up. If you make say, FIVE videos each lasting around 1-2 minutes, and at the end of each of them you leave the viewer wanting more, where will they click? YOUR NEXT VIDEO!! You’ll then start earning their trust, and become an authority on the subject you’re talking about and BOOM! You’ll have a customer (If you play your cards right with your call to action)

That’s your lot for this week, I’d like to say thanks to everybody who tweeted/replied to last week’s blog keep up the good work! And if you find this blog useful please share it!

Have a FANTASTIC Easter! But before you go watch our Video of the Week (Below) It’s a great April Fools video and gives me a few ideas for next year! What will you think of?