Red Book Productions Website Videos Update

It’s quite difficult trying to think of something different; something that you wouldn’t expect from a normal video on a video production company’s website.

The best way to go in planning for a 30 – 60 seconds video and discussing what is absolutely HAS to include:

  • Information about what video can do for YOU and YOUR business
  • Advice on not to go ALL video or ALL pictures or ALL text, but there has to be a mixture. To get a nice balance, so the average visitor to your website isn’t bored to tears by constant text, or just having to constantly watch an endless video which loses momentum. You should be thinking: What is the BEST way to get the information I want to get across?
  • Has to showcase what Red Book Productions can do.
  • Not a plain, interview type scenario.
  • Visually interesting.


  • Walking through one door and into a completely different place, constantly walking, constantly talking to the camera.
  • Where to walk?
  • Various events in Hampshire.


  • Contact possible people/locations.
  • Visit and plan shooting in locations.
  • Arrange dates to shoot.
  • Storyboard and script.

Lets see how this goes.

As this project for the website progresses there will be more video and photographic content, so stay tuned. I promise it’s not all going to be words words words.

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Have a good day!