Is your business cool?

When it comes to making your business stand out online, it’s getting more and more vital to keep up with the trends, whether it be Social Media, Email campaigns or videos. Getting to grips with the latest technology is vital to being in the right place at the right time.

There are plenty of examples of businesses that used to be cool, but for one reason or another didn’t keep up with the latest trends. Blockbuster have to go down as one of the most high profile flops of recent years, in the last ten years it has gone from being the primary way of renting films to being wiped off the map. Companies like Netflix, the new kings of cool, now have the upper hand and the best way for viewers to stream films and TV shows without even having to leave the room. Perhaps if Blockbuster had been able to foresee the quick rise and fall of DVD then they may have been able to save themselves.

So what makes a business cool?

When I started my Red Book Productions in 2011 I looked at all sorts of different businesses and loved the ones that stood out. One of the most memorable ways that these kind of businesses stood out was the way that they communicated with their customers. Whether it be a funny little video every Friday, or a video that gave some actual value to their audience. It was the careful care and genuine love for creating creative content as well as helping their customers that really made these businesses stand out.

How can you make your business cool?

The number one tip that you can take from this blog is to be easily approachable to your customers, so create a presence online where you appear friendly and as somebody in the know who can easily answer their questions. We’re working on it here at Red Book Productions so stay tuned.

Have a fantastic week!