Video Testimonials: A Great way to put your message across

Do you ever find that when you’re talking to people about your business they often switch off? I often find that when I talk at length about my business it’s like clubbing them around the head.

People are far more likely to appreciate and take notice of what you do when a satisfied customer is telling them, that way they can instantly relate to what they’re saying because they’re in a similar situation themselves. Take a look at our Top 3 things to get the right people saying the right things about your business.

1. Ask the right questions.

Don’t just let them natter on about how nice you are. Ask meaningful questions about your business practices, why they chose you and your testimonials will come to life!

2. THREE is the magic number

This doesn’t have to be concrete, but take three customers who came to you for different reasons and you should have a good amount of detail to your story.

3. As always…KEEP IT SHORT

Don’t bang on for 5-1o minutes, keep it short, no more than 2 minutes, any longer and you’re clubbing the viewer around the head again.

3.1 (A bonus tip) Use it alongside other videos

If you make a number of videos alongside your Video Testimonials you can give a much wider view of what you do. Viewers will go through your website flicking from video to video learning more and more about what you do and before you know it; your phone will be ringing.

That’s all for this week! If you’ve got any questions about the kind of videos we can help you with give us a call on 01256 688 483!