Website Video Update

Over the last few days the idea for the ‘Why Film’ video has progressed. I’ve looked in more detail to try and sum up the video in a single point; Would you rather read swathes of text or a 2 minute video?

So I’ve decided that whilst I will appear in the video, it would be a good idea for the viewer to have to read the information that I want to convey. Whilst thinking this I remembered seeing a Bob Dylan video for ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’ a few years ago when he stands in the right hand corner and displays the lyrics of the songs on large cards. (I’ll post the video on Facebook and Twitter because I’m not sure about the legality of posting it on this website)

UPDATE: It’s since been removed on YouTube for copyright infringement since yesterday when I looked it up. So my intuition WAS right. Phew.

The idea for the ‘Why Film’ video has evolved into a similar idea of myself walking through various landmarks, but holding up the words on cards, rather than saying the words. I think this is a great way to underline the whole aim of the video.

Scripting, Story-boarding and Locations

In terms of scripting the video it purely revolved around keeping what will be written on the cards relatively short and to the point. With the locations changing at appropriate times during the flow of the ‘conversation’. I am looking to tweak certain aspects of the script before shooting to ensure that I get across exactly what I want to making sure I don’t repeat myself and keep the video as brief but informative as possible.
Since the video made up of multiple yet similar shots, and the fact that I’m aiming for around a 30 second video; the story-boarding is quite simple to accomplish, I’ve put up a single storyboard to the right, but usually I try to create a ‘video’ of the storyboards to give a vague outline of the running time of the video as well as what it will look like. This makes sure that when it comes to shooting we are fully prepared. Ultimately saving time and money.Location Location Location… Location. I’ve been looking at 4 different locations, each offering something different. I’ve got 2 definite ideas for locations, one being crossing a road with either a red phone box or a red postbox in the background, and another is with a major London landmark in the background. So the next few days will be spent looking for appropriate places to shoot, and looking into other interesting ideas for the other 2 locations. So if you have any ideas let me know!


Right then, I think that will do for today, I’ve put you through enough. Have a good day, stay lucky and so on.