Moving towards Production

Over the last few days the original ideas have started progressing towards production. Last Wednesday we set out to start shooting some test footage to find out what ideas work and what doesn’t. Below is a video of some of the footage that we shot.  

*I’d like to add that I really HATE the sound of my own voice, so I hope you all appreciate the effort and personal mental anguish it took to shoot and edit through this and having to listen to it, plus apologies to anybody who is distressed by having to look at my unsightly face. I may do the next video where I have to speak in an Irish or Scottish accent, which will make me sound less of a dullard but probably leave me more open to lawsuits from those easily offended. So please don’t sue me. Thanks.

When it comes to the actual shoot of the project we will have to be prepared for any eventuality, considering what could go wrong and being prepared for it when/if it does.

Among the things to consider are:

  • Weather:  Because we’re not really going to know for sure what the weather will be like until the actual day of the shoot, we may have an idea a few days before; but I would never fully trust the weather report. Always have a backup plan in case the weather conditions change. Oh and dress accordingly.
  • Continuity: The idea for the video was to shoot in 5 separate locations and make it appear seamless, to do this, the camera must be set up in a certain way at all 5 locations, with me appearing to be in exactly the same place on the screen to make it appear that only the background has changed. This also means that whatever I’m wearing must not only be the same, but must be worn in the same way. For example tie worn in the same way, and hair in the same style, so if we shot the different locations weeks apart my hair would appear to be different not only because it would be a different style, but also because my hair grows really fast.
  • Passers by: Because we are filming in a public place we will be constantly hit by passers by. This is ok if you’re documenting real life; people are going to walk past and straight into the lens, but for a project such as this we have to bide our time in some locations waiting for significant gaps in the traffic to shoot what is a very short segment of the video.

I’m now looking to complete the project. It was useful to get some footage shot and find out what works and what doesn’t. It is now going to be easier and quicker when it comes to shooting the final video as long as the final locations are finalised. Stay tuned for the 5th Blog.

Please feel free to share this to show how we work at Red Book Productions, and how the project is developing.