Once the realm of big businesses who could afford camera crews, production teams and TV airtime, video has become an affordable and powerful communication medium for all businesses. Websites and Social platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and Instagram have become very video-friendly and businesses are learning to exploit these “free to air” channels. Are you?

When is comes to making videos for business use on the various platforms available many do not really know what to produce. However, in essence there are just three types of video that every company should use, and in many ways these have unlimited content potential and can be reworked with fresh information to create a powerful and growing marketing tool. 

The Business Overview

Most businesses have a “business overview” that has been written. This document is sometimes the “About Us” on a website or can be a document enclosed with a proposal or other communication sent out. These business overviews are great but a video showing your customers what you do, who you and why you are the best is even better. These videos are essentially an “explainer” that can be used just about anywhere. 

Business overview videos are highly effective tools to communicate more about your business. You can have a short version and longer version depending on how you wish to use it. A short video crammed with the right information is a real attention grabber and is great for use of social media. 

A business overview video needs to get your business across clearly and concisely and is the key to the success of using video in your business.


As a business manager or owner there must be many questions you are asked time and again. People want to know what you do, how you or if you can address a problem they are facing or just want to know if a product can do this or that. The questions your prospects and clients ask you can become the starting point of this second type of video every business needs to have. 

Taking a single question and creatively filming an answer will grab the attention of your audience. People prefer to watch than to read. These videos give you the chance to demonstrate your skills, expertise and knowledge. FAQ videos are not necessarily selling anything but are adding value. Of course, there will be ample chance to create calls to action but really you are beginning to grow an online, video self-help solution for your clients, prospects and interested parties that makes you the go-to source and preferably supplier of your product or service.

The Happy Customer

Testimonials from happy customers have been the best way of promoting a business since business began. Referral business is often called the most valuable business and video can be used to take this to a new level. 

Case study and testimonial videos are great for demonstrating how you helped someone. The videos can showcase a product, your services and so much more. There is a bonus here too as your clients can also reap some extra exposure. The key to the success of getting a good case study video is to make it part of your contract with a client. Firstly, this encourages you to do a good job, you don’t want to film a bad job, and secondly it gets client buy-in from the beginning. These videos become excellent sales tools and can grow the credibility of your company. 

Customer testimonial or case study videos need a little thinking and planning but are straightforward, and indeed enjoyable, to make, and when planned for every happy customer content is easily available.

Get started with Video

Any business can make use of video as a marketing platform, have a look at what your competition is doing (or not doing) and you can see sales increase and credibility rise.

If you want to know more contact us and we can give your business the competitive edge when it comes to making video work for your business.