Blogging can be a pretty tough prospect. Especially when you have writers block, or aren’t particularly sure about what to say. It’s something I’ve been suffering with for a while, so it was lucky that Marcus Cauchi from Sandler Training gave me a fantastic idea for writing blogs.

He recommended that I break down blogs like this…

Think of a question that I get asked. In this case: How do you write a blog.

Secondly think of three ‘ing’ words (words ending in ‘ing’) I chose: Blogging, suffering and writing. And then write a paragraph answering that question without really worrying about spelling or grammar. How do you think it went?

Part Two if this week’s Video Show was looking at how Marc Bradshaw from BEA Solutions has been using the videos we’ve made together and has integrated them with his blog. I think he’s not only done a great job of answering clear and useful questions about his business (Business SupportĀ and Web Design) and then posting them regularly alongside written blog content. He’s had a great start from the videos we’ve made together so far.

You can see Marc’s blog here.

And see an example of one of his videos below: