When the team at Blue Door Estate agents came to us in 2015 they asked if we could put together a few videos for their shop window. I immediately fell in love with what the team at Blue Door wanted to do and that was to show their personality.

Being upbeat, having fun and showing a bit of personality is quite important in the world of business video, far too many videos these days are plain and straight to the point. One of the ways to stand out from a sea of similarity is to show your personality and I think we’ve managed to do that here with the team at Blue Door.

The key is not to be afraid to show off and have fun with the videos, there are important boundaries to keep, you don’t want to be over the top and put people off but just show your target audience that you’re human and not a faceless robot. I think that’s where we hit the balance here with Blue Door (although they didn’t need a lot of help from me)

Take a look at this behind the scenes video and if you’re in Southampton go past their shop window and say hello…