Confidence in front of the camera is a weird thing. Having worked with hundreds of people over the last few years I think you’re either a natural or you’re not. If you want to become more confident it takes practice and hard work.

I’ve seen seemingly confident business owners strut around with a swagger, but when the little red light comes on and I start recording they crumble into a quivering mess. It’s quite funny to see, but not funny if you’re the one crumbling.

The good news is, I used to be exactly the same. I couldn’t even talk in front of the camera. I was worried about my voice and what people would think if I ever got around to doing it. But after working on my worries and setting the time aside to make regular videos I got past it. I now make videos each and every day, and release videos just like this one every week.

I’d love to see how video could help you, and help you become confident enough in front of the camera to make regular videos too. That’s why we’re running this confidence workshop on the 1st October. If you’d like to come along head over to I’ll see you there!