When I first started running a business, the thought of standing in front of a camera and talking was absolutely terrifying. I remember trying to think of a way around it, my first video on my website involved me standing there holding various cards with my message on. Very Bob Dylan.

Part of me felt that nobody would listen, part of me felt that I’d be judged and people would laugh at me, but the truth is nobody cares about my voice, my weird ear or how many times I blink in a minute. They only care about my content and the value I can bring to them.

I work with loads of different people who are terrified about standing in front of the camera, and this week’s question on the Video Show comes from Lorna Carter-Blake from DA Training and Consultancy. I worked with Lorna last week, and she seemed very confident before stepping in front of the camera, and then I said ‘ACTION’ and her mind went blank. The fear set in and we had to have a chat to help her feel comfortable.

After a few minutes she was fine, a natural and it was hard getting her to stop!

But how do you get past that initial fear? What does it take to stare down the lens and feel completely at ease?

Watch this week’s Video Show to find out.

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