Getting videos seen is very important to any business using videos. What’s the point of putting the effort into getting your message across, making the videos, and then having to worry about getting them seen?

Well one of the best ways to make sure that your video gets towards the top end of the search engines is to use keywords. And not only use them but use them correctly…

Keywords when used correctly can be great for making sure your video turns up at the top of the search engines especially YouTube and Google. Here’s our Top 2 Tips to using Google Keywords:

1. Google Keyword Tool

This will help you understand keywords and what kind of keywords you should be using for your videos. For the best results with keywords look for words that have a high search rate but little competition from rivals.

2. Use your location as a Keyword

As in the video above, if you’re a local business use your location as a keyword. People often search for businesses in a certain area so you’ll only realistically be competing with your rivals in your own area. And how many of those use videos?