Is hair and make-up that important?

To be honest I’ve never given the subject that much thought. I have regular conversations with Evelyne Brink who is an expert of presenting on camera, she’s an advocate of hair and make-up but done in the right way.

In our conversation, Evelyne told me that if you’re a woman and you wear no make-up, you’re likely to appear tired and messy. Contrast that with too much make-up and you look like you’re going out to party! So the key is to fall a little bit in the middle, so you look smart.

For men, it’s a bit different, Evelyne gave me a few tips, for example, my own brand is being quite casual, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to appear on #TheVideoShow in a suit, but maybe I could put a little wax in my hair to tidy it up, and put a bit of concealer over the bags under my eyes.

Watch the next few episodes to see if I take her advice!