Editing can be the most fiddly and time consuming part of the creation of a video. So for me it’s worthwhile spending a bit of time to choose the right one for you and for the videos you’re going to make.

Adobe Premiere Pro

At Red Book Productions we use Adobe Premiere Pro, this is partly because I have used it for nearly 10 years and in my opinion it’s the best choice for any video editing. Its the choice of many professionals and with the Creative Cloud Suite you also have access to Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Character Animator, Adobe Audition and loads of other useful programs at a very reasonable subscription package rate.

Plus it’s easy to use, easy to master and best of all your videos look professional.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is another great choice for editors looking for a professional program, I’ve only used it a few times and to be honest it’s easy to use, has some great features and is overall really impressive.

The only reason I didn’t stick with Final Cut Pro when I used it was because I had easier access to Premiere Pro, had the situation been different I may have stuck with this version.

The Free Editors

There are a few free editing softwares out there and the ones I recommend are iMovie for Mac users and Windows Movie Maker for Windows users.

Now with Movie Maker it’s a REALLY simple software that gives you access to basic editing, basic transitions and basic titles. If you’re not looking for anything special then go with this program. It’s free to download, but in my opinion you get what you pay for and the version around 8-10 years ago was better than the version that’s around today.

iMovie is a better option than Windows Movie maker, again really simple to use with a few exiting features for the amateur editor. But you have to be a Mac user to get this software, sorry Windows users!


If you’re not willing to stand in front of camera for your videos Camtasia is a great addition to your editing toolkit, you can edit your normal videos as well as screen record; which is great for tutorials.

Camtasia has a 30 day free trial which is worth trying before the free editors, you can find it here.