Live video is a huge deal at the moment and I can only see the platforms growing and improving. We’re just getting started with live broadcasting from your phone!

I decided that it would be a great idea to pit two of the leading live video platforms against each other to see which is best. I have used both platforms before, but since making this video I’ve decided that I’ll be going Live on Facebook each and every week.

I was really impressed by the fact that I can go live in certain groups, and not just platform wide. With Periscope you’re limited to going live to EVERYBODY which means that your audience may not be interested in what you’re talking about. Whereas on Facebook I was able to broadcast within a business networking group, where I’m already known and where I knew there’d be a certain amount of interest.

However, I do think Periscope has a place, if you were to put the hours in, over a period of time I think it’s quite possible to build up your own audience on Periscope and Twitter.

It was an interesting test, and I’m looking forward for more ‘VERSUS’ Video Shows in the future.