There are plenty of ways to get more views and subscribers on your videos, but I’d say the most important thing to consider before worrying about that is to make sure that you’re creating interesting and good quality content. This will make it far more likely that your videos will be watched again and again and shared.

But once you’re up and running the best way to guarantee a good audience is to spend money on advertising. But make sure that you’re targeting the right audience, think about who you want to be watching… what do they already watch? Where do they watch it? How long do they watch for? And what questions are they asking? Then you can set about answering them and start to get in front of them.

Secondly I’d say the best way to get subscribers is simply to ask… point out to the subscribe button within your video to actively encourage new subscribers, get involved in online networks and offline networking and join in relevant conversations. Those people will then start to search your content out and find your content.