When I meet somebody, whether it be online or at a real life event, there’s a few aspects that lead to me remembering them.

The main one is the amount I see of them after originally meeting them, so this can again be in person, or it can be online in the form of content.

There are far more people that I’ve totally forgotten after I’ve met them because I’ve never heard from them again. So what am I trying to say?

If you want to be remembered after originally meeting somebody, the best way to do that is to create regular and engaging content. This doesn’t have to be consumed all the time, it may only be glanced at on the off chance. But by creating this regular content (such as videos, blogs, podcasts) you’re nudging your acquaintance, and creating somebody who feels like they know you. Even if you don’t see them again for months or years.

One day, they might buy from you, they might recommend you. But they won’t remember you if you don’t make the effort to create quality content.