What to expect from video in 2020…


Video is an ever changing medium, since I started Red Book Productions in 2011, I’ve upgraded cameras multiple times, been using different equipment and have invested in some equipment I’ve barely used. 

But lots of things have changed behind the scenes as well, the way we watched video has changed almost incomprehensibly in the last decade. Back in 2011 I’d be expected to supply a video on YouTube for somebody’s website. Some people would even ask for the video to be supplied on a DVD as well. Now I’m uploading videos edited for specific platforms for specific audiences who watch videos at specific times of the day. 

I only expect video to keep changing and evolving in the years ahead, but for this video lets concentrate on the next 12 months…

The biggest thing I expect to see is the continued rise in episodic content, and the way people watch a business’ videos online. I expect every marketing agency to become a studio of sorts, to create not only their own video content, but also for their customers. Viewers want to binge watch well made content and well told stories. And if your business can get that right in the next 12-18 months you’re going to be ahead of the curve for the next few years. 

How can your business create binge worthy content that will keep viewers involved, get people sharing and create new opportunities?

Well here are a few of my ideas: 

1. Invest in people – Whether it’s one person or a team of people, invest in creative people who have the ideas to make things happen. By creating quality regular content you’ll stand out from the crowd. Anybody can make content on their phone, but if you were making regular ‘shows’ what would that say about you?

2. It will take time – It’s not going to happen overnight, don’t expect a deluge of customers off the back of one video. But if you’re doing things right you’ll build up a loyal following of fans who will share your message for you. 

3. Have a clear vision – Know WHY you’re making this content, WHO it’s for and WHAT kind of things they want to know. Let that be the foundation to build your content on. 

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