I’ve run out of ideas!

After 269 episodes of #TheVideoShow you can bet that I’ve struggled for ideas now and again. Over the past few years I’ve literally answered hundreds of questions about video. 

In this episode of the show, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to generate content for years and years…

1. Answer questions – I’m glad this is something I learnt early on in my career. Write down EVERY SINGLE QUESTION you ever get asked, whether it’s on your phone or in a notepad, have somewhere you can write down interesting questions that you can answer in your future videos. I can’t stress how much this has helped me over the past few years. 

2. What problems are you having? – What things have you struggled with in the past? What problems do your customers have? If you or somebody else is having a continuing problem with something, the chances are that there’s someone else who’s having the same issue. 

3. Myths – What myths and misconceptions are there about your business? What do people believe to be true, but aren’t at all? Write them down and then set about dispelling them once and for all in your videos. 

4. Conversations – Having a chat with someone sometimes brings up interesting topics for videos. Maybe they have a differing opinion to your own, or they made you remember something interesting. But by having lots of conversations with people, and writing down a few notes on what you spoke about, it’s a great way to generate new video content ideas. 

5. What’s new? – What’s changed in the last 6/12 months in your industry? How does that impact your audience? By looking at the things that have changed in your industry you’ll be keeping your viewers up to date with what’s going on. 

If you have any ideas on how to come up with new content ideas, I’d love to hear them, I’m always looking for ways to generate more videos, and after 269 episodes it does get harder!

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