Shooting your own videos 

 You might not be in the position to spend time and money bringing somebody in to create videos for you. Which means you’re probably happier trying to create videos yourself. 

It can often be quite hard to get started creating videos yourself, you’re unsure of what equipment to buy, how to set up in your own office or even what to talk about. 

I often help people on a one to one basis, giving them advice on how to create videos themselves, or to build a team of people around them to create videos.

One to one sessions

You can either book a single one to one session, or a series of sessions depending on your requirements. During these sessions we discuss everything you need to shoot videos yourself, working within your budget and knowledge base. In a typical session we will discuss:

  • Scripting
  • Shooting Tips
  • Equipment and software to suit your budget
  • Quick and easy editing techniques
  • Access to experts in social media, marketing, and photography
  • How to share your videos effectively to hit the right audience.
  • How to pick the right royalty free music.


Here’s what Janie Biddiscombe from Blue Flame Digital said: