Create your own show

 Over the past few years there’s been a huge trend in companies creating their own content to educate and entertain their audiences.

This  can take the form of a video series, a podcast, a documentary or even a short film. It’s a different way of using video, and certainly more noticeable than the same old corporate video or ‘talking head’. With the specific aims to educate and entertain making content like this can really help your business stand out from your competitors.

    Shows produced by Red Book Productions:


    I was initially sceptical about creating a show for ERA, but having this long form content makes it so easy to repurpose each show into other smaller bits of content, which then leads viewers onto the show itself.

    By having a show we’re really building brand recognition and showing people that we know what we’re talking about.

    Already people we’ve had people coming back to us from around the world wanting to know more about our franchise.

    Ed Purnell - Expense Reduction Analysts

    Minutes of video watched on average, per person every day

    The average watch time per video. (In minutes)

    However, if your viewer makes it past here. There's hardy any drop off.


    Of people want to see more videos from their favourite brands.

    How does it work?

    1. Planning 

    It’s important to plan any video, but there’s an awful lot more that goes into planning and launching a show. Amongst other things we need to work out, what your show is going to be about, who you want to watch/listen and where we’ll be hosting your show. There’s also technical aspects we need to consider. Is this a video series? Who from your company will be involved? How long will it run for? What kind of show will it be? Luckly we have an extensive planning stage that will make sure your show as good as it possibly can be.

    2. Production 

    The production phase is obviously an important part of the show’s creation. We’ll have the set prepared, the ‘look’ and ‘sound’ of your show ready and any guests lined up. Whether it’s a podcast or a video series, a short run of episodes or an ongoing project, we’ll put together a clear ‘calendar of events’ for us to follow throughout the production phase to keep us on track.

    3. Post Production and Repurposing

    The beauty about creating so much content around a show is that there’s SO much content to repurpose. With each episode you can create a lot of content to promote the show, like trailers, clips, audio content and blogs. Each show is different, and we’ll work out beforehand what content we need to create for you to have the biggest impact.

    What next?

    Want to find out more? Or want to discuss ideas for a show, book a chat with me and let’s discuss how launching a show can help build your brand.