How do you plan The Video Show

I was having a conversation with a customer last week about how I plan each episode of #TheVideoShow, she asked if I script each and every episode and write each word out, or if I make it up on the spot.

To be honest, it’s somewhere in between.

I tend to have a few ideas already written down, typically my ideas come from:

– Being asked a question by a viewer or somebody I meet.
– Something happening in the news (remember the banned Philadelphia Advert?)
– Something comes up in conversation.
– A problem that I, or somebody else is having.

I then take the title of the video and break it down into 3-5 points. For example, for this week’s video I wrote:

– Ways I come up with ideas.
– How I break down the script.
– How that differs with customers.

Then I shoot the video, if I need to look at the points I can glance at my giant whiteboard next to the sofa where I sit. For me, it’s important not to over-script these videos because otherwise I’ll be reading not presenting. And that’s not a good look.

The way this differs with my customers, is that I have a 1 hour video call with them the week before the shoot, and we go through the 6-8 videos we’ll be filming. Go through the points we want to cover, and then they have a week to plan and practice. When I show up on the day, we go through the plan again and then… shoot!

You can watch the video I made about making videos right here:

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