In this week’s Video Show we’re joined by Arwyn Bailey, photographer and self-proclaimed Time Lord (that’s why he’s brilliant!).

We talk about how he got into photography, but also the difference between a professional photographer and an someone with a good camera but no experience.

This is something that will rattle a few cages, but is also relevant with this week’s launch of Video Toolkit  our new online resource for small business owners to create their own videos.

Although on the Toolkit we’re helping small businesses create their own videos (which will look amazing) there has to be a point for some of our new members to use a professional video company.

I think this point will come about for one of two reasons:

  1. They don’t have the time to make their own videos any more.
  2. They want to make something a little bit special to get attention.

Otherwise Video Toolkit is the perfect platform to create professional looking videos that get seen by the right people.

It’s a little different with photography, although you can ask your friend to photograph your wedding, you’d rather spend a bit more on paying a professional to do it. It’s a pretty special occasion after all.

What do you think?