I’m going to be honest, it’s years since I felt Christmassy. So I thought I’d set out on a mission to try and make myself get into the Christmas spirit, talk to people about how they feel Christmassy and see if I was missing out.

Part of the problem is that when you’re younger Christmas is magical. The idea that Father Christmas would bring your presents in the middle of the night was amazing (but terrifying for my brother) and when you stop believing the magic gets lost a little bit.

The second thing is that films and television make Christmas look perfect, and it ALWAYS snows. Which it never does if you’re living in England, the best you can hope for is that it doesn’t rain.

Thirdly, and I don’t want to get gooey, because I try to keep The Video Show, (and my business as a whole) quite light hearted. But I’m very grateful for everything, especially to you for taking the time to watch The Video Show each and every week.

After making this video, I’m actually excited for Christmas, having a bit of time off and away from work. So that I can come back with some amazing ideas for 2017.

Have a fantastic Christmas!