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Whilst out and about I get asked a lot of questions so I’m putting them into video blogs and blogs like this one.

One of the questions I get a lot is about sharing videos and where should they be posted for the best possible outcome. Obviously YouTube is a fantastic sharing platform for video, it’s what the website is built for after all, but you have to be careful about what kind of content you put on there. YouTube is GREAT for two types of video, the entertaining video (so the video where your cat falls of a fridge or something equally hilarious) or it has to be educational (how many times have you typed a question into YouTube or Google). Think about what value you can give and make a short video answering that question.

Then we have Facebook, which is coming up fast with amazing video content. Think about how people watch video on Facebook… the vast majority use it on their smartphones, where videos play automatically and silently (until you tap it) so make sure your Facebook videos make sense without sound… OR do something to get the viewer to take action.

And the other day, someone mentioned Vimeo to me… Vimeo for business??