I’ve got a new phone.

Which is a relief because my old phone was annoying the hell out of me, it didn’t have enough space for apps, photos or videos. Which made posting regular videos using my phone impossible.

But… new phone! Which means a shiny new iMovie app.

I set about filming my day earlier this week, making a ‘Behind the Scenes’ vlog on an edit and a video shoot I’m currently working on. I’ve tried to be as interesting as possible but the main point of this video is to show how easy (or hard) it is to edit on the iMovie app. Being a free app there are some obvious limitations, for example there’s a limit on titles (you can’t change fonts, and have to cut the clip if you want to edit the length of the title, something that seems a bit backwards to me) but overall for a free app it’s not bad!

The main reason you should be using this app to edit is to make your videos a bit more visually interesting, keeping the viewer engaged and less likely to switch off. Plus you’ll stand out from all the other talking head videos that are rife on social media. It’s a bit more effort and takes a little bit of thought and time but I think you’ll see some great results and fantastic responses.