Do I need to bother scripting my videos?

In this landmark episode of #TheVideoShow (in as much as 271 is a landmark) I discuss scripting videos with friend of the show Evelyne Brink. 

I’ve always been one for being quite loose with scripting my videos, that’s because the vast majority of my videos are just answering questions about video itself. I may write down 3-4 points that I want to cover, but more an more I find myself mentally making notes. That’s probably a product of creating so many videos, it does get easier and easier with practice!

What I would recommened, particularly if you’re starting out, or if you’re making a video for your website homepage or a sales video is to spend some time planning your video. Whether this be a strict script, or a detailed document of everything you want to cover I PROMISE you it will be worth it and save you a lot of time when it comes to shooting. 

But take a look at this week’s episode and let me know how you script or plan your own videos in the comments or by emailing me

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