The New Normal

Coming out of lockdown has meant that we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of life. With social distancing, masks and washing your hands every 5 minutes. In this week’s episode of #TheVideoShow I’ve decided to discuss the tools that I’ve found useful making videos within the limits of social distancing. 

It’s meant I’ve had to invest in a few new bits of equipment (and a rug) to make my life easier and my customer’s life a little less stressful.


1. GoPro – I’ve had some form of GoPro for many years, and I use it quite infrequently. But over the past few months I’ve used my GoPro more and more. It’s a great camera for somebody to wear whilst they demonstrate their work, and I can view what they’re seeing from a safe distance. Not to mention they’re waterproof so they’re very easy to clean. 


2. Boom Microphone – Before lockdown I was using lapel mics. This meant clipping a microphone onto somebody. This was usually done by the person themselves, but it often required me to get close to them to check that it was fitted and working before we could begin. With this new microphone I can record from a distance.


3. Rug – It sounds really weird, but by investing in a rug for the studio it gives the subject somewhere to stand and I can move around them. I may need to move cameras, lights and microphones, but if we’ve all got our own area, we’re all safe!


Take a look at a few of the videos I’ve made under social distancing. The first from Practical Car and Van Rental and the second from No5 Dental Care.

I’d love to know how you and your business are adjusting under the constraints ‘new normal’, let me know in the comments.

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