Meet your new video producer

Hi! I’m Mark from Red Book Productions, and I help all sorts of different types of businesses and business owners get their brands seen in the right places for over a decade. 

Things have changed over the years, and the world of video marketing is always evolving. That’s why I experiment with video trends on my own show, so I can learn the best ways to keep things fresh for the companies I work with.

When I work with a company, I want them to see me as part of the team, I want to know the business inside out, so I know what kind of content is going to work, and how we’ll achieve the best results together. 

It all starts with creating a simple plan of action that we evolve over time. Being your video producer means I work with you on a consistent basis, over time to help you reach a wider audience and become the trusted voice in your space. 

Then there are three simple steps to getting started:

1. Planning – Believe me, this will save us so much time later on! We need to plan out what videos we want to work out who your target audience is, how we’re going to target them and how we’ll measure the results of your content on an ongoing basis. 

2. Production – We’ll be creating content regularly, so we need to be in regular communication about what’s working well, what isn’t and how we can keep getting the most out of your content. 

3. Scheduling – You will need to put some time aside each week/month to create the content. When it comes to personal branding and content, you need to get your hands dirty!


How it works for Gary Fullwood at Gary Fullwood Designed Living

I’ve been working with Gary Fullwood from Gary Fullwood Designed Living for a number of years. And put together his story in an episode of The Video Show. In this episode we talk about how the whole process works from start to finish. The results that Gary has achieved and how video fits in with his business.

Video has become a vital part in how Gary communicates with his audience, and there’s loads of different platforms that we share his content onto. From YouTube and Linkedin, right up to repurposing his videos as blogs on his website. All I ask of Gary is that he gives a morning of his time each month, and I do the rest.

“Red Book Productions just makes that whole process so easy and makes me feel so comfortable. Secondly, it’s the whole process in terms of all the hard work they do in the background, to get the exact end results I desire for all my platforms”

Gary Fullwood

Gary Fullwood Designed Living

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On the call I want to hear about your business, why you feel video can help and what you want to achieve.

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