For me, Twitter doesn’t automatically spring to mind when I think ‘business video’. Although there is a place for video on Twitter (especially the video reply tweets, which I encourage you to do if you’re not already doing), I think the types of video on the platform need to be short, to the point and to use a word made popular by Adam Lovelock; ‘snackable’. Video has to be ‘snackable’ on Twitter, although you can upload a video up to 2 minutes 30 seconds, the likelihood of someone staying around for that long is very slim in my opinion.

By having a video around 20-30 seconds long you’ll have the viewer’s attention, so it’s important to get their attention quickly. Make a big bold statement at the beginning of the video, break the ice with a pattern interrupt. By doing something they’re not expecting (this can be asking a question, not┬ánecessarily doing anything weird) you’ll grab their attention and keep them around.

Once you’ve got their attention be sure to know what you want them to do, maybe click a link to go to your blog or website or even somehting easy like a re-tweet. If you don’t tell them what to do after watching, you’re missing a big trick.