A successful website in bite-sized chunks

A lot of businesses that we speak to complain that their website looks amazing, but is only really there to prove they exist, as a shop window but doesn’t really function for any other reason.

We’ve come up with a cunning plan, a plan we’ve tried and tested to make sure that websites can start working and bring measurable results. It’s called ‘Video Bites’ and it involves putting short but informative videos on across your website to explain what each page is about.

It’s proven to improve how long visitors stay on your website, and by increasing engagement by putting a FACE to your business its a great way to build a relationship online. Then we’ll work with you to figure out how to create measurable and long lasting results for your website.

We’ve got an introductory shoot coming up for ‘Video Bites’ on the 7th September, your shoot will include a personal coach helping you prepare to script and face the camera in a confident way, and your choice of the video packages on offer. All you need to do is click the time you’d like below, and then choose your package via the PayPal link.

Video Bites 7th September Introductory Price