We’ve teamed up with Quotini for a fantastic seasonal offer: Video Christmas Cards

Video Christmas Cards take the form of a 1-2 minute video sent with a short message to your friends, clients and employees to say Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in a new, exciting and fun way. We send the video to your mail list and can also share it on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook should you wish to do so.

Order by 14th December and receive a free presentation box including 6 bars of chocolates to send to your most valued customer! Or just eat them yourself!

Here’s a video we made for TelePA.


  • Set up cost: £299
  • Includes 2-3 hour consultation and shooting the video as well as sending the video to 50 contacts
  • The consultation covers what you want from your video, arranging the shoot for the video which will last around 1-2 minutes in length.
  • Order by November 23rd and get an extra 100 sends!

Upgrades and Bundles also available.