The Best Business Video of 2013

It may come as no surprise to some of you that my favourite video that I saw in 2013 was the Dollar Shave Club video. It’s clever, funny, really well made and not to mention the fact that its success has exploded the growth of the company. The online success of this video is down to a few factors:

  • It’s funny.
  • It’s short.
  • Hundreds of people post replies/reviews of the products on YouTube which point viewers to the original video.

Imagine how your business could grow if hundreds of people were talking about it online just because of one amazing video!

My other favourites from 2013:

Another FANTASTIC video from the past year has to be the Virgin America Safety video. It turned something really boring into something fun and amazingly different from anything I’ve seen before. The only reason that this didn’t take top spot was because at 4mins 59 seconds it’s a little bit too long and after one or two viewings you really have to get on with some work.

Probably Number 3 on my list is all about number twos. I really love this video and what it’s trying to do, however I just can’t help but think that it can never live up to the first video. Sorry guys.

That’s my Top Three for 2013 and I don’t want to keep you all day. So have a great 2014 and get thinking of some inspiring videos for this year, so you can be my top video this time next year!