We’ve done it! Episode 100.

I can honestly say we wouldn’t have reached 100 episodes if it wasn’t for you watching the show, asking questions and commenting and sharing. I’m really looking forward to the next hundred videos!

This show started as an un-named show, coming off the back of my 2 years of YouTube videos, where I had experimented with the format and experimented with how to share my videos effectively. In the past 99 videos, I’ve changed things around a lot, having guests on the show, talking in front of a blue background, a black background, a whiteboard, my car, using a GoPro, travelling the country and finally buying a sofa from Ebay for the past 20 odd shows. It’s been eventful, and I’ve learnt a lot and answered a lot of questions.

At times it has been tough, it’s hard to create regular videos, to dedicate regular time to shoot and edit these shows. There are times when I wanted to throw in the towel, but I’m glad I haven’t and I plan to keep making these videos as long as you keep watching them.

I’m glad that this show has inspired people to create their own videos, also helping jumpstart Video Toolkit in 2016 and has answered the questions that you’ve had about video. Hopefully it can inspire you as well. The world of video is changing on a daily basis, with new cameras, new ways of sharing and new ideas, it’s an amazing thing to be a part of. And is proof that we’re only just getting started!

Remember to leave a comment below asking me a question for a future show. And thankyou for watching the first 100!