There’s a lot of upsides to vlogging, you get a lot more exposure, you can show viewers some very interesting behind the scenes stuff and you can experiment with creativity. That’s why I’m attempting to make one vlog every week and then expand into a few more if I can/want to.

Alongside this, I plan to make the regular FAQ videos, but turn them into Facebook Live or YouTube Live videos. The reason I’m doing this is to have a regular LIVE show and so I can engage with the audience as and when questions come up.

In this episode, I manage to do both types of videos. I start the day by chronicling my day as I go in and out of meetings (it’s all very exciting) and then finish the day with a LIVE video. Although I enjoyed making this behind the scenes video, it allowed me to be a bit more creative and think about how the video would be helpful to the people watching. I did find a few things difficult. For example finding the time to shoot video throughout the day was tough, as well as being able to talk in front of the camera when there are a lot of other people around. I know that it’s can be done, and it will take a lot of work. But at the moment I feel like a bit of an idiot talking into a lens when there are other people watching. (To be honest, they’re probably not paying me the slightest bit of attention)

So, do I have what it takes to vlog? Only time will tell.