There’s a lot of different video companies out there, and one question I nearly always get asked is ‘What makes you different?’ or ‘What’s your USP?’.

To be honest that’s a REALLY annoying question to answer, because everyone says something like this: ‘We offer the best service…’ or ‘We’re really good at what we do’… Now I’ve only been in this business for 5 years, but shouldn’t EVERYONE be offering great service? And you HAVE to be good at what you do right?

My answer is a little bit different to what you’d expect…

To be honest we’re not that different to any other video production company, but to find the right video production company to suit you, you should make sure that they know the results you want to get and most of all make sure that they fit in with your beliefs around your business. Are they as passionate as you are to make this work?