Coming up with good ideas for video can be quite tough, time consuming and worrying.┬áThe thing that bothers me most is the idea of ‘viral video’ and businesses searching for the next great idea to make a video go viral and hit millions of viewers to make their business explode.

The truth is making a viral video is a lot harder than it looks. It’s rare and difficult to achieve. What we’d recommend is to concentrate more on the results that you want to get from your video or videos. That way you can concentrate on the message rather than on the vain hope that your video will get seen by millions.

By all means make your video fun and entertaining, but be aware of the results you want to get before hand. Ask yourself if you want to get more engagement, more people to your website or more conversions from social media. This can all help define what your video becomes and helps you target your audience like a sniper, rather than the carpet bomb approach of a viral video.

How are you using video? Do you think that viral video would help your business? Is it something you’re aiming for? Let me know in the comments below.

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