Last week we were joined by the team at Blue Flame Digital, they’re a company who provide virtual reality, advanced gaming technology and driving simulators (basically the coolest company you can imagine)

They kindly came along to our office in Andover and set up a few of their products; a driving simulator, a Samsung VR headset and VIVE (a really immersive games console).

The idea of the day was to shoot some videos, get an idea of what Blue Flame Digital do and try out all their kit. It’s a bit of a departure from a usual episode of #thevideoshow but it was great to see what virtual reality technology can do.

As someone who’s been interested in virtual reality for a while, my interest has grown over the last 6 months, there’s been great strides in the technology recently. I was talking to fellow VR enthusiast Adam Knight from Astonish Email he mentioned Google Glass (an advanced augmented reality pair of glasses) claiming that the world wasn’t ready for that kind of technology yet, suggesting that in his opinion it was ahead of it’s time. ‘We need something like really simple like Google Cardboard first and then grow into virtual reality and augmented reality’

And its that suggestion that going back to basics with Google Cardboard helps the world to step into this particular part of the technology revolution at the very bottom. The Google Cardboard is literally a cardboard box that you slide your smartphone into to view 360 videos. There’s no bells and whistles, just a small box you hold up to your eyes.

I think we’re going to go very quickly from something like that to smarter technology, wearable technology to implanted technology. At the moment that sounds a little bit terrifying, but it’s going to be an exciting ride.